Help Change a Child's Life!

Support our Scholarship Campaign for 2021-2022!

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Support our Scholarship Campaign for 2021-2022!

Support PPS Student Scholarship Fund for Next School Year!

Park Place School provides a free, high-qualify school choice for children whose parents want more for them! Over 90% of our 85 learners at PPS are attending on a full scholarship this year. Their tuition is supported by caring people like YOU!

As we raise funds for next school year (2021-2022), God has blessed us, and we have now raised 75% toward a fully funded budget! This translates to an additional $170,000 yet to raise by June 2021.

We are hoping to strengthen our donor partnerships with pledges for annual giving. Many of you already give each year, or even each month. A growing number of donors have recently funded Full Student Scholarships and more! Thank you!

There are 34 additional scholarships to fund, with a full scholarship being $5,000.
Donations of ALL sizes are BIG to us!

Virginia State Tax Credits remain available for gifts of $500 or more. Did you know you can receive 65% of your gift back?! That's right! When you give $500, you will receive $325 back - costing you ONLY $175! if you are a resident of Virginia and have paid at least $325 in state taxes, you will receive a REFUND - not simply a deduction. Deductions may be taken on your federal taxes.


If you are interested in funding a full scholarship with a gift of $5,000, you will receive $3,250 back in a tax credit/refund. This means such an impactful gift costs only $1,750! The tax credits for these gifts need to be approved IN ADVANCE - so please email or call us in advance to verify tax credits are still available and to discuss the best method of donation.

Thank you ALL for supporting our small but MIGHTY school, where we help children grow into their full God-given potential each day!

Blessings for your joy and safety,

Brenda Garrett,

Director of Operations & Development