What does it take to create a SchoolUnique? image

What does it take to create a SchoolUnique?

It is more blessed to give than receive. (Pretty easy for us to say!)

$250 raised

$3,500,000 goal

/ 150


Dear Friends,

Park Place School is in the midst of an exciting adventure! In July 2022 we moved from our home of five years with Beth El Congregation to our new location on Granby Street.
In this, we found that we needed to reconfigure the building and we needed to almost completely re-equip our school. We found that Beth El Congregation had supplied many of our needs (and we are grateful).
Fortunately, because of our student population, there was some government funding available, but most of our reconfiguring and re-equipping has been (and will be) because of your generous support.
So, we thought, “Let’s just tell our partners what it takes to put a school like this together.” We chose a Wishbook motif for fun, and we chose to use a 1970’s theme because that is when our new building was built (1974). That was a long time ago and the building needs some updating!
And why support us? The answer is mishpat(a generous justice), but more about that later!
We love and need you folks!